About Us


Driving Success and Growth

We see this company-wide commitment to innovation as essential to build competitive advantage, enhance and leverage the strength of our brands and consistently deliver exceptional and relevant value to customers.

Across all our businesses, we support a culture in which business success is driven by innovation – and innovation is driven a highly qualified and highly motivated workforce.

Our Management Team

At Zillion, we have brought together a brilliant team of senior professionals who have not just strengthened our team, but have also added significantly to the confidence of those who are associated with us..


Leadership Team

You can tell a lot about a company by who is at the helm. Zillions team steers our company with an unfaltering vision and leads by example. Learn more about each team member by clicking on their name below.

Our dedicated professional always believes in delivering good quality agricultural products to clients by adopting latest cultivation and testing techniques. With lots of years of experience in producing and supplying of agro products we don’t have any substitute in terms of hygienic agro products, real taste, full of vitamins and nutrition.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as partner of choice for export, import and distribution of various commodities for our customers by achieving operational excellence and stakeholder satisfaction.

Our Values

The Company's journey is led by its core values - Inspire Confidence, Always Stretch, Nurture Innovation and Excellent Quality, which has enabled the Company to deliver on its promise of Caring, Sharing and Growing.